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We are offering 10% discount on the room rent to all Single female traveler, so if you are traveling alone, do not worry, we are here to help you out.

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Here are some travel tips for women in India:

Don't wear revealing clothes while in India. They do not appeal to Indian sensibilities. You will attract unwanted attraction and advances if you are wearing skimpy outfits.

Apart from the big cities, touching between people of the opposite sex in public is very unusual. Even married couples avoid any display of affection publicly. It will be better if you do not shake hands with a person of the opposite sex unless the other person extends his/her hand first. Among Hindus, the way to greet is by bring your palms together in front of your chest, or simply saying

'Namaste'. You can say Hello or Hi also. But some old people may not appreciate it.

Smoking by a woman is not acceptable anywhere in India, except for the metro cities. A woman who smokes/drinks is thought to be having a loose moral character, especially amongst the middle class.

Discos, dance clubs, pubs, 5-star hotels are areas with a modern touch. You can easily head there for some entertainment or for drinks. However, having a male companion or at least another female with you is quite a good idea.

Even at beaches, the people here are fully clothed. First find out what kind of attire is appropriate for the beach you are heading to. In some places like Goa, the visitors to beach mainly consist of foreigners. There, you may wear swimsuits on the beach. However, even there it is inappropriate to roam about dressed in swimwear away from the beach.

In local trains, some cars reserved only for women. It is advised for you to travel in those.

It is better not to venture outside in a street party. Street parties on holidays generally don't consist of women. Inebriated men are seen partying at such occasions. Women, in these parties, can be subjected to groping and sexually aggressive behavior from the inebriated males. It is very unsafe for women to attend these festivities alone.

Avoid talking in a friendly manner with men you meet in buses, trains, restaurants (L/O), shopping places, etc. It may be viewed as a flirtation. It may also lead to unwanted and unexpected sexual advances. However, befriending Indian women can be a wonderful experience for female travelers. But, you may have to start the conversation.

A way to get more respect from Indians is to wear traditional Indian clothes, such as salwaar kameez or sari.

Do not venture in isolated places alone. It is also advised not to go outside alone after it is very late and dark. Budget hotels in Delhi are aimed at providing the tired traveler a respite in the form of a comfortable accommodation in easy budget. We being a Delhi Budget Hotel understand the idea behind the concept of cheap accommodation options. Our budget hotel not only offers all essential amenities for the guests, but also tries to offer a comfortable and pleasant stay. Frequent travelers often come back at our hotel. We are equipped with all modern facilities and offer best of the hospitality services to our guests.

New Delhi is a city to cherish in your memories. The city has got some or the other tourist attraction located in every nook and corner. Travelers coming here often don't find time to stop and breathe as there are many historical monuments like Lodhi Gardens, red fort, Lal Quila, Jantar Mantar, Qutub Minar, and lotus temple. Some of the most liked budget hotels in Delhi are located in the Paharganj area. This place is situated towards the west of New Delhi Railway Station and has got a group of such low-frill accommodations. This place serves as a true Mecca for the budget traveler. All types of cuisines are available at these hotels. Be it all-time favorite Indian cuisine or the classic continental cuisines, these hotels have restaurants (L/O) to satisfy all pallets.

Budget Hotels in Delhi are aimed at making the accommodation possible for the travelers on limited budget. Such hotels witness visitor traffic from all corners of the world. The demand for cheap hotels in hospitality sector has been steady through 2009 and 2010 and will continue to be so. This is because these hotels fulfill the very purpose of offering cheap accommodation option for the travelers. Such cheap hotels concentrate on offering basic amenities for the guests. They don't spend extra effort on facilitation sections like parking, security, food and beverages, etc.

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